Upcoming races

Posted: 18th February 2012 by cliffdrew in Race Info
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I will be starting my race season with the Life time fitness nautica south beach olymoic distance triathlon April 1st.
Following that I will be going to las vagas for Xterra west championships April 14th.

My training is going great and I am looking forward to seeing all the results of the hard work and dedication I have put in on off season. Thanks to Jessi Stensland at GOjessi.com. I am doing a very controlled core and power strength program along with my metabolic TRX and crossfit workouts that I design for my Fits Conditioning class. Everyday I spend hour minimum doing movement prep to insure all my muscles, ligaments and soft tissue are working properly to perform perfect movements. My swim,bike,run are coming along great and I feel strong. I’m swimming 7 hours a week focusing on perfect form and speed.

After a great bike fitting with Ryan at Retul I feel amazing and strong on my TT bike, putting in 7hr a week of high cadence days and sprint interval days. My run which has come along amazing after deeling with PF. I’m focusing on my cadence,form and posture by allowing my core to do most of the work . I am running 25 milea a week. I have swithched to barefoot running which takes a lot of patience and time so I do not get hurt. But I can see and feel the benefits already. I recently ran 10k barefoot in 42 min. Very excited to race again