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SS Lifestyles has helped many people achieve their goals and better their lives. But don’t take our word for it…

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  • Sunday session

    Sunday began with a nice hour spin on the trainer. From there was motivated by fellow triathlete to join him in running Louisville half marathon trail run. Conditions less then perfect 95 temp, smokey and not enough aid stations for such a hot race. Finished 8th not so bad for a Sunday


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  • New s broadway location


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  • Amy S. on SS Lifestyles

    “There are many reasons why Cliff is a great trainer….his knowledge of the body’s muscular system and of nutrition educate me daily to help me make lifestyle decisions to meet my health goals.  I have played sports and worked out to some level my whole life, but have never been nearly as committed as I have been since I started working out with Cliff.  I attribute that to the fact that I truly have fun and enjoy the workouts, I leave class feeling terrific, and I literally see and feel myself getting stronger and healthier.  We do new and different exercises all the time…..always taking it to the next level.  I love starting my days with a workout with Cliff!”

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  • Peter M. on SS Lifestyles

    “Cliff is a premier trainer.  I have trained with Cliff for more that 5 years and have found him to be among the industry’s  elite.  He is always on top of the latest equipment and methodology and gets the results you are looking for whether it is a honed and chiseled body or just great tone and feeling great .Last  year i had a goal to trek more than 100 miles to the base camp of Mt Everest which is at 18000 feet.  Cliff put together the perfect program of indoor work outs , cardio and outdoor hiking that go me ready.  And i made it!  A lot of other people dropped out along the way..  Cliff really knows what to do!”

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  • Bruce M. on SS Lifestyles

    “I met Cliff 6 years ago. After researching multiple personal trainers,I was fortunate to be referred to Cliff by a fellow lawyer in Denver. I have worked with Cliff since. I am also a member of a very prominent health club in the Denver area. I can say,without hesitation that Cliff has always been ahead of the curve. Kettle Bells, Core strength training, Cross training, and the use of the TRX system-were all incorporated into Cliff’s training regime months,and at times years before, the methods were introduced at my health club. In addition, Cliff prepared my daughter for the Olympic fitness test she was required to take as a Division I soccer athlete. She credits Cliff for preparing her for the challenge. She smoked the test as a freshman and continued to do so for the four years she played in college. Cliff brings an enthusiasm and dedication to his clients. He tailors his workouts to D-I athletes as well as to people like me,who are looking to stay in shape and not suffer as a weekend warrior.”

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  • Lauren S. on SS Lifestyles

    “I have been training with Cliff for 7.5 years.  From the moment I met him I knew we would hit it off since we both came from a soccer background.  Having played high level soccer, I needed someone to push me to levels I wouldn’t push myself.  I needed a “coach” again.  Cliff is a coach in every sense from general fitness, body mechanics, stretching (both dynamic and static) to nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Cliff is a whole body trainer- in and out.  I love that he keeps the training sessions new and he is always learning and adding new exercises so my body never plateaus.”

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  • Bob J. on SS Lifestyles

    “For over a year, I had a nagging knee injury that just wasn’t going away.  Through Cliff’s classes, customized training, and expertise, I am back to 100 percent and haven’t had problems since.   Plus, it’s a great workout that got me into the best shape in years.  I would recommend Cliff to anyone.”

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  • David D. on SS Lifestyles

    “Before training with Cliff, my workouts were unfocused and repetitive, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  Training with Cliff has changed all of that – every class we’re doing something different and it keeps me focused and excited to workout out.  Best of all, I’m reaching fitness levels that I’ve always wanted to achieve, but just wasn’t able to reach on my own.  Cliff also has a unique ability to tailor workouts specifically for your needs.  For example, I recently separated my shoulder snowboarding and thought I wasn’t going to be able to train at all for several months.  Instead, Cliff designed workouts which allowed me to continue training while rehabilitating my shoulder.  Cliff has also helped me work through nagging knee pain with dynamic stretching and other exercises aimed at reducing muscle tightness.”

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  • Travis U. on SS Lifestyles

    “I’ve known Cliff for several years now, and during that time I’ve learned not only how to train hard during our sessions, but also how to live a healthier lifestyle. Yeah Cliff is a great trainer, showing incredible intensity, knowledge and focus during his training sessions, but his influence is much broader than that. Cliff has helped me to grasp concepts that improve my life. It’s not just about training, it’s about the lifestyle.”

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  • Rob A. on SS Lifestyles

    “I started training with Cliff three years ago and his training program has transformed my physique. I have exercised my entire life at a frequent pace (typically daily for an hour or two at a time). While I have historically kept myself in good shape, it has become obvious to me that exercising on a cardio machine or lifting weights on my own is not an efficient or effective way to stay lean and build muscle. Cliff’s cross-fit classes and muscle specific training raise the intensity of any workout I can do on my own, and the results speak for themselves. Since I began training with Cliff I have put on 15 pounds, ALL muscle. Disciples of P-90X come into one of Cliff’s classes, and amazingly they struggle to even make it through a single session.

    It used to be a challenge for me to wake up in the morning and make it into the office by 9 am. Now I am at the studio from 6 to 8 am everyday looking forward to arriving at the office by 8:30 am feeling great. It is just like they say about the Marines, I do more by 8 am than most people do all day. The clients at F.I.T.S. conditioning are an added bonus. Anything in life is easier when you enjoy the company, and Cliff’s clients are first class individuals who share the same dedication and passion for success in life and fitness as myself. For people who are looking for a laid back easy workout, this class will not be your cup of tea. However for those individuals who want to take their fitness goals to the next level, Cliff is the person who can take you there. I take comfort in knowing that even if I have to travel for work or go on vacation for a week and eat and drink like it is going out of style, I can get back in the studio with Cliff and within a few days I will be lean again and my strength returns instantly. The older I get, I realize the harder it is to stay trim. Nevertheless, anyone who knows me will you confirm that I am in the best shape of my life — and I have Cliff to thank for it!”

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