Over Training

Posted: 27th February 2012 by cliffdrew in Venting
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Over training occurs when you push your body to the limits without proper recovery and nutrition.

Signs of over training

1. Fatigue – feeling of exhaustion and dragging throughout the day are serious signs. Take time to regenerate your body and mind with massage, hydration and great nutrition. REST
2. Loss of appetite – you should be waking up in the morning hungry and ready to fill your body and mind with a complex breakfast.
3. Irritable – if you are finding yourself acting anxious, in a bad mood or people are bringing up the point that you are not being yourself. Starting arguments for no reason.
4. Performance – if you are noticing that your training is getting slower, weaker and not getting results. Your body is saying it needs more time to recover.
5. Injuries – elite athletes push themselves to a point whr there is a fine line between optimal fitness and injury, one little push to much and your out for season. If you are noticing little injuries popping up for no reason is a good sign your body is telling you to chill.

I love training but what I have learned throughout the years is if you take the time to train correct, meaning allowing proper recovery time you body thanks you.
This will allow you to reach your goals while continuing to love training and not get injured. It also is a great mental test and education to learn your body.