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Nutrition is a paramount pillar in total health. FITS Conditioning emphasizes good nutrition for a complete and well rounded approach to health. Take a look below for some quick nutrition tips that contribute to any overall wellness plan.

Starting the day with a complete and healthy breakfast will insure you to have a productive day. Having low glycemic carbs like oatmeal are going to slowly give you energy to make it through the morning. Having a nutritous snack like apple, banana with almond butter will hold you until lunch. Depending on what you have to do for the rest of the day will determine your lunch. If you have a busy afternoon/evening have a bigger lunch consisting of 60% coming from carbs 20% protein 20% poly/mono unsaturated fats. Remember the more colorful the plate the better for you. Dinner should consist of a lean prtein a filling grain like quinoa, brown rice or yam/sweet potatoe and refreshing vegetable.