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FITS Conditioning combines 4 main pillars to deliver the best not just health but lifestyle training to any schedule.

Pillar 1

Depending on what your goals are, a personalized cardiovascular program will be designed based on your age and heart rate. Heart rate monitors will be used for all activities.

Pillar 2

After 20 years of being a personal trainer and strength coach I am able to simulate strength programs fit for your goals and sport. From kite surfing to triathlon.

Pillar 3

Healthy lifestyles don’t stop when you leave your gym. Based on your RMR (resisting metabolic rate) and the law of thermodynamics (energy in energy out) I will design a nutrition menu based on your activity level for that day.

Pillar 4

I design your program to fit your daily schedule and traveling schedule. No matter if your traveling or have a family of 5 with a full time Joni will design you a program around your life.

Welcome to F.I.T.S Conditioning (functional intense training systems). FITS is a uniquely designed program that allows you to build lean body mass, lose body fat and build your muscular,skeletal,nervous and cardiovascular system in a one hour four station workout. I have developed this program to be done at most gyms or studios.
I start the first fifteen minutes of a FITS conditioning class with dynamic stretching and movement prep. This is a great way to warm up the body and get your heart rate elevated. The focus is on muscle, core and glute activation, while teaching the proper way to stabilize your hips and shoulders.

I move in to the next fifteen minutes with an intense circuit of medicine ball, slam ball, versa rower, heavy ropes and proprioception movements in cross fit progression program. This is a fun and intense way of learning how to control your body while burning the most amounts of calories possible. The focus is on your neuromuscular and cardiovascular system while learning how to stabilize your core.

During the next fifteen minutes I go through an intense designed resistance training program. This program includes kettle bells, Olympic rings, Tabata training, TRX, Olympic lifts and plyometrics. The focus is on building lean body mass, strength, power, burning fat and releasing stress while focusing on form.

I finish the FITS conditioning class with a fusion of yoga, Pilate’s core and abs. The focus is on strengthening your core while cooling down your body, as well as your mind. This is where we also go into some deep stretches and prepare are self for the day or night.